Hello and Welcome

studio pic

Well here it is  at last!!! Woohooo!!!

My webpage is finally up and functioning after much preparation, tweaking, excitement and a healthy dose of procrastination!

I’m so happy to share my page with you and I hope my work brings you the same happiness it brought me to make it.

We have prints, we have originals, we have cows, dogs and bunnies!

Do you need a cute collie print for your hallway? Baby we got it!

Is your living room longing for a lilac robin? You bet it is and where can you get such a delight? Why here of course!

I could not have brought this page into life without the amazing help and encouragement of my husband Seb, my rock and partner in crime and life.

Also, it simply would not have happened without the help and patient advice from Michael.

Lastly and by no means leastly, there simply would be no art at all without all my feathered and furry inspirational friends!

So thank you for coming by, check it out, leave a comment if you wish and be sure to sign up for my newsletter below!

Peace! 😉

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