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Not far from where I live in beautiful Wicklow is a yew tree I like to visit every once and a while. The Glencormac yew is estimated to be around six hundred years old, I love to stand at it’s base and stare up at at the gnarled trunk, coiled and rippled with age. This tree has a real magical presence.

It’s situated at the end of a small avenue of younger yews not far from a busy cafe. Aside from children playing chase very few folks seem to venture down to pay homage to this old gent. So if you go along to pay a visit you will nearly always be left alone in the presence of these yews. It’s a lovely respite from the day to day hustle just a few seconds away.

It’s generally assumed to ascribe a wisdom to trees, their unshifting presence suggests a stoic philosophy, they remain through the years impervious to political climates and only need to worry about the atmospherical ones. Which they have due right to be more and more concerned about. As long as they don’t fall victim to axe, disease or digger they can remain resolute, faithful witnesses to the world.

A few years ago a tree blew down during a storm in Sligo, entangled within it’s roots, as if clinging  in desperation, was an ancient skeleton. It seems that this person was buried on that spot around a thousand years ago and the tree, which was a two-hundred year old beech, grew above him. The tree roots eventually entwined with the bones wrapping the two together in a strangely wonderful embrace.

Through the tree’s demise it finally offered up the secret it kept cradled within it’s roots for all those years to us.

Going back to yew trees they are very hard to age accurately as they hollow out over time, kind of how I feel after every birthday! Of course I’m going for the cheap gag here, I believe like trees we grow richer with age, our gnarled barks a victory badge of time.

Known to be traditionally planted in places of spiritual significance it’s thought that the spot where the Glencormac yew sits may have marked the start of an ancient pilgrimage.

I often wonder as I stand looking up at this great tree what it has witnessed throughout all the years and if it holds any mysteries within it’s roots.

Peace xxx

Posted on August 5, 2018

One gloomy afternoon I was waiting for the bus outside Dublin airport. I had neglected to travel adequately armed with sandwiches and finding nothing to suit me in the airport, decided the situation was dire enough to merit an enormous bag of crisps

So there I was merrily munching away when I heard a rather angry chirping coming from my left. I looked down to see a starling hoping from one spindly leg to the other, giving me side long glances as he did.

I stood up and checked around, had I accidentally sat on the poor birds nest wiping out it’s whole family with one swoop in my crispy obliviousness. No there were no other birds around just this tiny highly indignant one.

I didn’t know what this birds problem was, he looked irritated yet he was singing and twirling, almost dancing in front of me. I looked around for other witnesses, was I the chosen one, was this bird so entranced by my presence he was moved to perform for me?

I’m pretty sure crisps are not recommended items on the bird food pyramid but I wanted to give him some token for all his efforts so I threw him a piece.

Then it became clear what the display was for, I was no chosen bird icon, my feathery friend was simply after some salty goodness.

He guzzled down the crisp and then ramped up his performance to the max, he pulled out all the hits, mobile phone tunes, other song birds signature tunes, he gave it his all!

I was impressed but also a bit self-conscious as the starling was really letting loose now and I was afraid it was beginning to look like I was deliberately agitating him. I was also worried about the birds blood pressure, he seemed highly strung as it was so all the salt really wouldn’t do him any favours.

I pulled that trick parents use on babies when they want them to stop eating something they shouldn’t, I put the crisps into my bag, held up my hands and said “all gone”.

The starling stopped mid whirl and threw me a disgusted side glance, he knew the truth, he turned and walked away. He didn’t fly off, he just walked.

I watched as the bird mooched off into the distance, just another performer who had wasted his talent on an ungrateful audience.

I like to imagine that he eventually kicked his crisp habit, moved to the country, got his act together and is flying straight at last.

On the other hand he may have relocated to the sea side, fallen in with some gulls and has moved onto chips…lets hope not. x

Posted on July 29, 2018

When I was a young girl I was obsessed with horses.

I devoured any literature related to them, Black Beauty and My Friend Flicka were my favourites along with a multitude of magazines marketed towards equine obsessed young ones. The one glaring factor was that like many others, I had no horse or pony except of the imaginary type (ah Storm I miss you still).

So I became one of those kids that haunt a stable yard until their presence forces the owner to feel pity for them and exorcise them of their misery by bestowing a token job.

And thus began my new life, of not having a horse of my own, but at least being horse adjacent. I loved everything about my time at those stables, even mucking out the stalls, no task was too big or too odorous for this devotee.

So I had ingratiated myself into stable life when I met my dream horse, he wasn’t the stuff of fantasies (Storm remains unrivalled) but he was a feisty black cob with a white star on his forehead (just like Black Beauty swoon!). I was completely besotted.

I tried my best to befriend him but he had other ideas, he started a campaign to besmirch my growing reputation as being “handy with horses” by taking sneaky nips at me anytime my back was turned to him. He got pretty adept at this, oh yes he was nippy at the whole nipping business. Way too fast for me and I remember feeing betrayed and disappointed at yet another chomp, why would my buddy try to bite me at every opportunity? I was heartbroken… my best friend was a big bully, just like school again but with horse flies.

Then one day I had reached breaking point, I was busy sweeping the yard in front of his stall when I felt that familiar impression of horsey choppers on my shoulder, I whipped around broom in hand and yelled into the face of my frenemy.

It was like time stood still, I had shocked myself and I had definitely shocked him. I have never seen a horse with such a look of stunned surprise on his face. He had a look of complete gobsmackdom. His gast was utterly flabbered.

Since that day we had a new understanding, he would chance a sneaky nip at me only on special occasions while I copped on not to have my back turned to him so often.

We went on to become very good friends and I have many happy memories of summer evenings sitting on the manger of his stall swinging my legs while he snoozed, girl and horse happy in each others company.

Still his shocked face on that fateful day is one of my abiding funniest horse related memories, I’ve tried to depict it below, hope you enjoy!

And remember, if you turn your back to a horse you may get nipped but it could also be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Peace and love.

Posted on May 23, 2018

Well here it is  at last!!! Woohooo!!!

My webpage is finally up and functioning after much preparation, tweaking, excitement and a healthy dose of procrastination!

I’m so happy to share my page with you and I hope my work brings you the same happiness it brought me to make it.

We have prints, we have originals, we have cows, dogs and bunnies!

Do you need a cute collie print for your hallway? Baby we got it!

Is your living room longing for a lilac robin? You bet it is and where can you get such a delight? Why here of course!

I could not have brought this page into life without the amazing help and encouragement of my husband Seb, my rock and partner in crime and life.

Also, it simply would not have happened without the help and patient advice from Michael.

Lastly and by no means leastly, there simply would be no art at all without all my feathered and furry inspirational friends!

So thank you for coming by, check it out, leave a comment if you wish and be sure to sign up for my newsletter below!

Peace! 😉

Posted on April 10, 2018