Welcome to Paula Barry Art

Hello and welcome to my online shop. I’m delighted to see you here!

The main source of inspiration for my artwork is the animal kingdom – all creatures great and small, I love them all!

In my illustrations I like to portray that special something that makes up a critter’s character.

As well as my animal illustrations I also have some scenes from my homeland Ireland for your viewing pleasure.

Please feel free to peruse at your own leisure my prints and original artworks.

I really hope you enjoy your time here, please share my page if you wish and subscribe to my newsletter for further news and up-dates.

Original Works of Feathered
and Furry Friends

Something for all Animal lovers

Animal Illustration Prints

Cute Delightful Colourful

My Animal Friends

Since I was a small sapling I’ve had the pleasure of the companionship of many amazing animal friends. All of them left an impression on me and though now many have crossed the rainbow bridge I still can recall their funny and endearing ways, their characters and quirks, they were all unique and special. Few of us have gone through life without making a connection with an animal friend, those who have know how deep and lovely that connection can be.

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